I’m Queen in the land of “What I Want To Do.” For years my crown has sat securely on my head. My subjects and I have been together so long we are more like friends. In fact I have moved to a Democratic style of ruling rather than an Autocratic style. Some of my favorite subjects names are I Want That, I Need That, I Don’t Want To, I Shouldn’t Have To, It’s Not Fair, and I Want To Get Even. I rule my country by the will of the people.

God is a great and mighty God. He rules the universe. He created it. We believe He created us and yet we refuse to let Him rule our hearts. We don’t want to give up the real estate we feel we own in the land of “What I Want To Do”. I can see the wisdom of allowing God, who created me and knows best what I need to be happy, to make the decisions for me, but I Don’t Want To give up my crown and the prime real estate in my heart.

Humility is required to give up my crown and I’ve discovered humility can be a very elusive thing. Just when I seem to have a grasp on it, it escapes from me. A little like discovering I need something from the fridge and then when I open it I can’t remember what it was I needed. Elusive- there for one moment and gone the next. All because I want to wear the crown and rule in the land of “What I Want To Do”. My pride gets in the way of remembering it’s not what I want to do that will make me happy, but doing what my Creator created me to do that will allow true joy to overflow in my life.

Paul says in Hebrews 12:1 to “run with endurance the race God has set before us.” I’ve never run a race before, but I can imagine there are any number of things that could distract me from running with endurance. Just like I can so easily forget what I need in the refrigerator it is easy to forget I need to let God rule in every situation in my life. Only when I let Jesus into my “Land Of What I Want To Do” and allow the power of His humility to rule that I will run with endurance. Yes, humility is powerful, it is the only thing that can take charge of my favorite subjects; I Want That, I Need That, I Don’t Want To Do That, I Shouldn’t Have to, It’s Not Fair, and I Want To Get Even. Let us run the race of life with the power provided to us when we give up our crown of pride for the crown of humility.