For about the last week Brett and I have tossed around the idea of getting a car top carrier for our vehicle. I looked them up online and decided they were out of our price range. Brett did see a more reasonably priced one on the Wal-Mart website so we drove on down to Wal-Mart to check it out. As luck would have it they did not have any hardtop carriers in stock. A couple of days ago I searched the internet for something else and noticed a hardtop carrier at Sears that would fit our budget. Yesterday we stopped by Sears to take a look, wandered around the mall a bit while we thought about it then went back to Sears to tell them we would like to buy it and have it installed. Brett went inside while I waited in the car with Aspen. He waited, we waited. Finally Brett came back out to the car. I didn’t wait for him to tell me what happened, I took a look at his face and said, “Ok, so what did they do to you?” Turns out he had waited the entire time while the woman who should have been helping him, and several others, was on a personal phone call trying to take care of her electric bill. After about ten minutes he gave up and walked out of the store annoyed (for good reason).

We drove back to the house and I got online to get the exact dimensions of the car top carrier so we could estimate how many and what size suitcases we could actually fit into it. I saw that if you ordered it online it was $25 dollars cheaper than if you bought it in the store. I excitedly showed Brett, who called the store to talk to them about it and they agreed to give him the cheaper price without ordering it online as well as quoting a price $15 less than listed online for installing it. All things do work together for good.

Jesus came to this world to die for our sins.  While He was here He served as an example of how we should live.  Plenty of people came to see Jesus speak and perform miracles. But they only followed Him with their eyes. Few actually followed Him with their feet like the disciples did. But until we follow Jesus with our feet and not just our eyes, we won’t have that close personal experience with Him that we need in order to change our lives. When we follow Jesus with our feet He takes us places we could have never gone without Him. We can read about foreign lands and vacations all day long, but until we get on the airplane or drive there we will never actually experience it. Sometimes we have to walk through a little mud, or an unpleasant experience with a service associate before we get to the “all things work together for good” part.  But in the end walking with Jesus, far outweighs just watching Him.  I invite you today to actually follow Jesus with your feet, don’t just read about Him, but let your experience with Him change your perception of who He is, spend time with Him and experience the deepness of His love for you.