While I blended Brett’s and my breakfast smoothies,  Aspen requested pancakes for breakfast.  I repeated a phrase I tend to over use, “Just a minute Aspen”.  Not wanting to wait a minute, or five or ten, Aspen decided to make the pancakes on her own.  She found the measuring cup and I showed her how full to fill it.  Then she went to the refrigerator and took out the eggs.  Carefully choosing the shiniest egg she ran to the living room and stood in front of daddy.  “Daddy, daddy, come watch me crack the egg into the pancake mix.”  Daddy wasn’t quite so eager to interrupt his reading of the morning news, but Aspen continued to insist that he must come watch her crack the egg into the mix.

Brett, realizing resistance was futile, set aside the news and followed Aspen into the kitchen to watch her crack the shiniest egg into the pancake mix.  Finished showing off her skills to Daddy, she allowed him to retire to the living room couch and finish his morning routine of reading the news.  Next she asked me to show her how much water to pour into the mix.  Then she picked up a fork and stirred until all the flour was mixed with the egg and water.  I put a pan on the stove for her and pulled a spatula out of the drawer.  She stirred the oil around to cover the bottom of the pan and poured two pancakes into the pan.  She hopped down off her stepping stool and ran into the living room to play, directing me to tell her when the pancakes needed to be turned.  I dutifully checked the pancakes and told her when they needed to be turned, most of the times she came running immediately, but a couple of times she dallied with her play and the pancakes turned a darker shade of brown.

I was reminded of my daily relationship and communication with God.  Aspen trusted me to tell her when the pancakes needed to be turned.  I trust God to let me know when and how I should act.  But, any number of times during the day, I am just like Aspen and instead of doing what I know to be right, I dally to do it.  I usually have a really good reason.  After all, do I really have to be nice to everyone?!  All the time?!  Sometimes I’m just selfish and want my own way.  Why shouldn’t I have my own way I reason, at least just a few more minutes of my own way.  And so it goes and I dilly dally in my own ways until I burn the proverbial pancakes.  Ugh.  Now that I messed up my life I don’t want to eat it.  Unfortunately the consequences of my actions are harder to fix than throwing away the burnt pancakes.

I delight to do Thy will, O My God; yea, Thy law is within My heart.  Psalms 40:8

When the truth of God is in my heart I delight to do His will.  My thoughts will be His thoughts, my actions His.  I won’t just believe His truth, I will live it.