Brett pulled a muscle, but he needed to go to the church to set  up for a youth meeting.  Aspen was concerned about her daddy and told him she would go to the church with him and help him lift the heavy stuff.  I needed to go grocery shopping and ruined Aspen’s plans to help her daddy lift the heavy stuff by insisting she go with me.  After all I knew she would help Brett more by not being there than by actually trying to help lift the heavy stuff for him.

I can look at the above situation and see how ridiculous it is for a seven-year old girl to think she can help her daddy lift the heavy stuff, but how often do I treat my Heavenly Father the same way?  How often do I tell Him I can carry my heavy load by myself when in reality I can’t even pick it up because I’m crushed under the weight?  Or the times I keep trying to open the locked door myself when if I just moved aside, God has the key.  Too often in life I limit the power of God by thinking I can do it myself.  I insist on wallowing in the waves of the storm when if I just asked God He would say, “Peace, be still!”

Every moment of my life God is there.  He has the power.  He has the power to carry my heavy load, open the door, and calm the storms.  But, best of all He has the power to change me!  He has the power to change my heart, the power to change my attitude, the power to change my actions if I will just let go of my inflated sense of self-sufficiency and accept the power of His love for me.