I strapped on my pretty coral-red heels which perfectly matched my dress.  Aspen, my just turned seven-year-old watched me.  “Your shoes are pretty mommy.  Oh, and your dress is pretty too. I really like your sweater and I like your hair.”  She reached out to touch it then prattled on.  “Your hair is so soft and shiny straight….like a pumpkin.”   She rushed to explain how my hair resembled a pumpkin, while I thanked her for the compliments.  Finished with buckling my shoes, I grabbed my purse and keys on our rush out the door to church.

We stepped into the well lighted church.  I greeted a few people and walked Aspen to her children’s program.  Leaving Aspen to sing songs, listen to a Bible story and make a craft I meandered off to the youth room to find Brett.   While I waited for him to finish speaking to the young people and come greet me I happened to glance down.  In horror I realized my shoes did not match my dress at all.  In fact they clashed.  I realized my bedroom lighting lacked the brightness I needed to see the subtle color differences between coral-red and a more peachy-pink red.

It’s so easy for me to feel pretty pulled together about my choices in life.  Whether I’ve managed to perfectly match my shoes and dress, or have the coolest car in my circle of friends, pride can darken my perception of where I really stand.  Only when I stand in the light of the Holy Spirit can I see the true condition of my spiritual life.