I walked out of Target with Aspen bemoaning my fate.  I went to Target to buy a kitchen trash can and they didn’t have one, now I would have to go to Wal-Mart.  I didn’t want to go to Wal-Mart, I had just been there the day before and now it would take more time out of my afternoon.  But, I needed a trash can so I sucked it up and continued my shopping expedition to find a trash can.

Finished with shopping I pulled into the parking lot of the school to pick up Brett and go home for a mid-afternoon lunch.  He was still busy, so Aspen and I hung out for about 45 minutes.  By then the clock read 3:15 pm and I was ready to go home for lunch.  I had eaten a breakfast of fruit, drank a bottle of water and snacked on a small bag of potato chips.  My whole body yelled at me for ignoring it most of the day.  I started to grumble.  Brett had disappeared into the hallways and I just wanted to go home.  I told Aspen we were leaving and picked up Brett’s backpack, hoping to run into him on the way out of the school.  I couldn’t text him because his phone wasn’t charged, but that’s another story.  Brett saw us and I tried not to grumble too much as I told him we needed to go home and why.  He is ever so nice and quickly agreed it was time to go.  The school staff picnic was scheduled for 4 pm and was at a park about 20 minutes away.  I grumbled some more about eating before leaving (I can’t eat MSG so eating at the picnic was out unless I wanted to chow down on the vegetable tray, which I wasn’t terribly interested in doing after having fruit for breakfast almost eight hours before.)

We drove up the long single lane hill to our house which is dead last on a bumpy gravel road.  We have new neighbors who had brought their own fridge and at the very moment we were driving past their house maintenance was moving their old side by side fridge out.  I wanted that fridge!  The fridge in my house is  small and I have a hard time shoving 60 pounds of carrots in it along with all my other produce, dairy products, juice and miscellaneous left overs on grocery shopping day.  I pulled into the drive way and Brett got out of the car to ask for the fridge.  They were glad to bring it over to our place right next door instead of hauling it off to storage.

I backed out of the drive way and finished the short jaunt to home.  I mentioned to Brett how fortuitous it was that we had passed by the house just at the moment they were moving the fridge I had wanted to badly.  I had grumbled about making an extra trip to Wal-Mart, I had grumbled about waiting extra time for Brett to finish up at school.  But, it’s as though God had it all planned down to the minute and we drove past the house at the exact moment they were moving the fridge out.  Brett laughed a true belly laugh. Brett rarely laughs a true laugh and I love to hear it.  I have to admit he had good reason to laugh, he had been on the receiving end of my grumbling.  I told him I didn’t like my character building experience, though I had to admit God has a great sense of humor and even better timing.