We sandwiched in an a one day trip to Chattanooga and a half day trip to Nashville between visiting Brett’s dad in North Carolina and his mom in South Carolina. Brett holds the opinion that as a man he should do all of the driving, which has held true until this trip. He needed to finish preparing for his meetings in Chattanooga and Nashville so we switched places and I drove while he rode in the passenger’s seat.

We finished up lunch with his sister and her husband in Chattanooga and I pulled out onto the freeway. Brett punched in the directions to the hotel in Nashville and we sped down the freeway on the short two-hour trip. Upon arriving in Nashville, the GPS spoke to me, telling me to exit right and stay left. There were two lanes in the direction we were traveling on the exit so I followed the repeated directions of the GPS and stayed in the left lane. We slowed to a stop behind a few cars and realized that the GPS was wrong. The hotel we wanted to stay at was directly across the street from the intersection with no entrance to the hotel if we turned left. The traffic was heavy so I decided that rather than try to edge my way into the right lane I would just continue to turn left and make a u-turn. I did breathe a quick prayer along the lines of, “God I would really appreciate it if somehow or other you could stop the traffic in the other lane so I could pull in and go straight across the intersection rather than turn.” Since I didn’t bother to flip on my turn signal though I didn’t really expect traffic in the lane I wanted to turn into to stop for me! The light turned green and I watched the big truck next to me lumber forward. I watched the rear-view mirror. The car behind it was sitting still creating a huge space for me to turn into. Not really believing what I was seeing, I asked Brett if there was space for me to pull in and he responded with an affirmative. I pulled into the lane, drove straight across the intersection and turned left into the hotel parking lot. I was mentally shaking my head at what had just happened.

Coincidence?  Possibly.  But, I choose to believe otherwise.  I believe God gave me a gift.  A gift that helped to grow my faith in Him.  To believe He is there in all the small things of the right now, not just the big things of the maybe sometime in the future.  “If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?”  Matthew 7:11