Brett and I kept one eye on the approaching rain clouds while we discussed whether to stay for the Sesame Street show at Busch Gardens or go to a 3D pirate movie.  The Sesame Street show was outside while the pirate movie was indoors.  One point for the movie.  Brett wanted to see the pirate movie.  Two points for the movie.  It would probably rain soon.  Three points for the pirate movie.  Aspen wanted to watch the Sesame Street performance.  Five points for Cookie Monster and Big Bird.  It was the last showing of both for the day.  We compromised; Brett went to the pirate movie while I stayed with Aspen to watch the Sesame Street characters sing and dance.

Just as the show ended rain drops fell from the sky.  I took Aspens hand and we raced down the street to the building showing the pirate movie.  We ducked inside the still open doors just before the rain gushed from the sky.  Relieved we had missed the down pour, I decided to look for Brett.  I’m not sure what made me think I could find him in the large, dark, overcrowded room.  But, not to be deterred, I firmly grasped Aspens hand and we stepped into the theater.  While I had been thrilled to avoid a drenching from the rain outside, I was appalled to discover that as part of the 3D experience water was spraying down from the ceiling.  I searched diligently for Brett, but I finally decided I would need to wait for the end of the movie before I would find him.

We sat down and I started watching the movie.  Everyone else in the theater wore a pair of 3D glasses.  The movie didn’t hold my attention for long.  I found it more interesting to watch the people watching the movie.  They moved from side to side in their seats and occasionally someone would screech.  Part of me wished I had picked up some 3D glasses.

The people in the theater with the glasses on became, in a sense, part of the movie; they were involved and participating.  I, on the other hand, without any 3D glasses, was just an observer watching in 2D.  I want to compare this to a relationship with God.  I can observe God and do things like go to church, pray, teach a Bible lesson, but at the same time not really be a participant in an active relationship with God.  But, what do I need to have a 3D experience with God?  I need His Holy Spirit to involve my heart in my relationship with God.  Only God himself can satisfy me.  Only when God lives in my heart will I experience a 3D relationship rather than just a 2D observatory role.  How can I have a living relationship like that with God?  We need to live like Jesus, He lived to glorify His Father rather than himself.  When we become a part of God’s family, He becomes our Father.  If we could only see that in 3D!  God: Our Father.  We would go to Him and accept everything He has prepared for us.  Accept and live all the promises He has given us.  He wants us to live in the house He has prepared for us, He wants us to eat at His table, He wants us to go to work in the family business.

When we see it like that, living as a part of God’s family, God as our Father, waking up every morning in His house, getting up and going to do the job He has provided for us; His presence becomes real, He becomes a tangible 3D experience in my life rather than just a 2D picture moving on a screen in the distance.  He becomes someone I can reach out and touch and have a conversation with rather than just being someone I am watching and not interacting with.  God’s words are truth.  We need to live His promises.  “If anyone loves me, he will keep my word.  Then my Father will love him, and we will go to him and make our home within him.  John 14:23