For the past several nights Brett has holed up in the bedroom or downstairs in his office writing the script for the movie he will be shooting over spring break, just a week and a half away.  Rather than leave Aspen and I alone again, he decided to stay with us in the living room and write.  He sat down for a few minutes, but then got up to go to the bedroom.  He couldn’t write with the noise of Aspens games resounding in his ears.  I gave him a hard time about not being able to write with distractions and  told him I would write something despite the repetitive noise of Aspen’s game right next to me.

I am writing despite the noise, but I doubt it is of the same quality as Brett’s writing  since he is writing in peace and quiet.  I am reminded of how great it is to get up in the morning before anyone else to have quiet time with God.  How much easier it is to concentrate on what He has to say when I seek Him first before the noise of the day starts to disrupt the connection.

It is also easier to stay connected to God throughout the day when I connect with Him first in the quiet.  So many times during the day it is easy to put self first without thinking about it.  But, just like Aspen knows a game or a favorite movie by the music it plays, I need to stay tuned to my connection with God throughout the day so I can easily recognize His voice over my selfish inclinations.