Richard followed the map and at the fork in the road took the path that led to the lake he would need to cross.  After taking a closer look at the map he had noticed a bridge spanned it.  He wouldn’t need to swim after all.  But, when he arrived at the lake, he did not see a bridge and realized that the lake was too big for any bridge to have been built across it.  The lake was so big it looked more like an ocean.  He sat down and took the map out.  The map said there was a bridge, but that was impossible, no one could build a bridge across a lake that size.

Richard heard someone walk up beside him.  A man sat down and took the map from Richard.  “I created this map.  I promise you there is a bridge to cross the lake.  I know it is there.  I built it myself.   Believe Me.  My promises are true.  Richard took the map back and walked over to the place by the lake that the map showed the bridge.  He turned around and said, “It’s just not here.”  The man got up and walked over to Richard, “You will be able to see it when you step out onto that rock.”  Richard looked in the direction the man pointed and saw a rock just out of his reach.  “But, I can’t step out that far, I’ll fall into the water.”  The man stepped over the water onto the rock and reached his hand over for Richard.  “But, we can’t both fit on the rock,” Richard said.  “Do you want to see the bridge?”  Yes, Richard did want to see the bridge, he didn’t want to fall into the water, but he had come this far, he might as well see what the man was talking about.  He made a big leap, grasped the mans hand and stepped onto the rock.  Now that he stood on the rock, he could see the bridge.

The man spoke again,  “Hear the wind blowing?  Where does it come from?  My promises are like that , you don’t understand how they are yours, but they are.  I made them for you.  They create trust in Me.  Believe in Me.  Believe My promises and they are yours.  You are My child, I have these promise gifts for you.  My promises sparkle like precious jewels.  Don’t you want them?  Don’t you desire them?  Pursue Me and they will be yours.  Open your arms and I will fill them with more promises than you can hold.  Why do I have to convince you to take them?”

“The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”  Luke 18:27 NKJV