The Sophomore Bible teacher at the school where Brett teaches was unable to finish the school year.  While the principal was tossing around ideas about how to cover the class until the end of the school year, Brett tossed my name into the mix and next thing I knew I was hired to teach Sophomore Bible  until the end of the school year.  Brett generously offered to help, and so began my sojourn into Sophomore Bible 31 years after the first time I took it.

Class periods are an hour and twenty minutes long.  Brett and I decided a project that would include class time in the computer lab doing research would be a great idea.  At the beginning of class they were assigned five questions they needed to answer and turn in at the end of the class period.  I supervised the lab time and for about 45 minutes the students appeared to be working quietly, or at least as quietly as Sophomore students are capable of doing.  I expected great progress by the time they returned to the classroom, after all the five questions were simple enough they mostly knew the basic answer before they went to the computer lab.

Ten minutes  before the class period ended, the students returned to the classroom to turn in their work.  I was truly amazed that several of the students hadn’t finished their work during the lab and were hurriedly writing the answers on a sheet of paper.  Quite obviously they had wasted the time spent in the computer lab.

High school was a long time ago for me and I would like to think I was the model student.  But, if I really stop to remember it correctly, there were times I wasted in class and out of class that I could have used more productively.

God gives me 24 hours in a day.  If I really think about it how many of those hours do I waste and how many do I truly use productively?  To take it even further, how many do I use for God vs. the time I use for myself?  God created me, He loves me, He wants to spend time with me, because He knows the only way I will be truly happy is if I spend my day with Him.