Richard rounded a corner on the trail.  A brightly wrapped gift sat there just two steps ahead.  He paused and looked around, then took the two steps forward and picked up the gift.  He opened the folded gift tag to see who it was for.  He blinked in surprise when he saw his name written there.  Then excitement buzzed inside and he carefully removed the wrapping paper and opened the box.  He pulled out a map.  “A map?”  he thought.  “What kind of gift is that?  I’m not lost.”  He pulled the map out of the box and unfolded it.  He saw the written directions next to the map with a long black mark that traced the course he should take. 

He looked at his first instruction.  Turn left at the “Y” in the road just a mile ahead.  But, he didn’t want to, that would mean he would need to swim across the lake that was too big to walk around and he didn’t like to swim.  It looked so much easier to go the other way.  He yawned, maybe he would take a little nap and wake up with a new perspective on the map instructions. 

He laid down in the tall grass next to the trail and immediately fell asleep.  A soft voice flowed through his dreams; Go forward by the hand of God.  Wake up and follow my directions.  I know you can only see the present, but I see the future.  A land of promise.   Don’t fight Me.  Walk forward and do what I have asked you to do.   Sometimes My gifts are commands.  If you accept them and obey them your life will be a gift to others.  My love for you never ends, it flows on forever.  Jump in and the current of My love will carry you to your destination.