Richard wasn’t so sure he wanted to jump into the massive waterfall, it looked like a sure suicide jump and he wasn’t ready for that.  Instead he looked for a place on the edge he could go wading first.  Get his feet wet and paddle around a little.  He noticed a crowd of people in the distance who appeared to be playing at the edge of the water. He turned away from the edge of the waterfall and started to walk to the safety area.  He heard the voice whisper behind him, “Come back, we will jump together, I will give you the power to overcome your fear.”  But, fear propelled Richard forward towards the other people who apparently had common sense just like he did.

He joined the group of people splashing in the shallow pool.  It was fun at first getting to know the others, but after a few hours boredom set in.  Playing in the shallow pool wasn’t as exhilarating as he had anticipated and he felt the heights of the mountains calling him again.  By now the rain and clouds had disappeared and he could see the top of the mountain he had set out to reach.  He said good-bye to his new friends and set out to conquer the mountain.

The voice whispered in his ear; You are my hearts desire, walk with Me and be My  happiness.  I will be your joy and peace.  Stay with Me and My light will surround you and show you the way.  I will send you showers of blessing and truth, they will quench your thirst when you cross the desert.  Keep your eyes on the goal, but don’t race ahead of Me.  Stay close and let My arms surround you with love, joy, and peace.

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13