Richard graduated from the eighth grade and moved onto high school.  After four years of high school he graduated and went to college.  After four years of college he graduated and got a job.

Now you may think the above paragraph only makes sense and is pretty mundane.  But, think about it.  Richard didn’t graduate from eighth grade and go back to kindergarten.  He didn’t graduate from high school and go back to ninth grade.  He didn’t graduate from college and go back to being a freshman again.  No, he got a job and continued to move forward in life.

It is a simple concept, to keep moving forward in life.  But, if your experience has been anything like mine, you have found how easy it is to become stuck in a rut and feel like you are going nowhere.  In fact, I think one of Satan’s most successful ploys to throw us off track is to simply make us so comfortable where we are at that we resist change or moving forward.  Sometime, maybe even most of the time, God has to work things so we are uncomfortable to get us off our complacent behinds and keep moving.  Our level of resistance to His prodding is directly proportional to how miserable He allows us to become.  I think He gets a bad wrap for that at times.  But God is far more interested in keeping us moving towards Him than making us comfortable.

Every day God accepts us just where we are…He just loves us too much to let us stay there.

So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed.  John 8:36