Five-thirty AM and the drama team piled into the vans.  Snowflakes spun  through the air as the wind twisted them through imaginary pathways.  We pulled out onto the freeway.  The traffic inched along.  We passed by the 65 mph speed limit signs doing 10 mph.  The one hour drive to Baltimore took us over four hours. 

I called Brett on the walkie-talkie.  I told him I felt like the Israelites wandering through the wilderness.  The Israelites could have arrived at their destination long before they did, but things just seemed to get in the way.  Things like lack of faith in the power of God to carry out His promises.  They had seen God part the red sea when it seemed as if they would be taken back to slavery by the Egyptians, but they refused to believe God could deliver them from the giants in the land He had promised to give them. 

I can let things get in the way of believing God’s promises.  I can choose to believe that God will stand behind His promise that He will not allow me to be tempted beyond what I am able to overcome.  Or like the Israelites, I can choose to believe that the giants of sin are too big for me to overcome and spend more time than I need to wandering the wilderness.