Last week, much to my dismay, I misplaced my bank card, drivers license and library card.  Now, until I find my card I have to ask Brett for his.  Brett and I seem to take turns misplacing our bank cards, this time it was my turn.

A few days ago I randomly unzipped a small pocket inside my winter jacket.  I was pleasantly surprised to find $6 and a bit of loose change.  I tucked it back in the pocket.  I vaguely remembered putting it in there sometime last winter.

Last night I packed for a drama trip for today and tomorrow and decided to pack light.  Instead of wearing tennis shoes and my winter coat today and packing boots and a dress coat for church I decided to wear boots I could wear with jeans and to church.  I also decided to leave my winter coat home and just wear my dress coat.

This morning when I opened the door to leave the house for the trip I saw the wind whipping the snow through the air.  I turned around and ran back upstairs and down to the bedroom to grab my winter coat.

We drove two vehicles and Brett took the lead.  A couple of hours down the road the kids in my van wanted to make a bathroom stop.  Brett kept going and I stopped for 25 minutes.  He pulled over for his kids later, but he only had a few kids so his bathroom stop went much more quickly than mine.  I guessed he was still a good 15 minutes ahead of me.

While driving along I saw a sign across the road that read, “Toll One Mile.  Price of toll:  $6.”  I reached over and pulled the $6 out of my winter coat pocket, all the while my heart was just standing in awe of God’s planning and care.

Probably about a year ago I put that $6 in my jacket pocket and forgot about it.  A week ago I misplaced my bank card, then a few days ago I found the $6 in my jacket pocket.  Last night I decided not to take my jacket with me, but this morning I grabbed it because of bad weather.  I didn’t get a chance to ask God to provide for this incident, but in His all-knowing wisdom, He provided just what I needed at the perfect time.