Brett is busy ordering the necessary items for making a film.  He received four boxes in the mail today.  One box contained the “clapboard”.  Aspen immediately began clicking it open and closed in front of her face.  Take one, take two, take three…..the clicking went on and on until she got tired of it and set it down.

I’m sure when the film is made, there will be plenty of clicks; take one, take two, take three.  Do overs.  Life certainly has plenty of those.  Every day I can choose to act out the scenes of my life with better skills or I can continue to make the same mistakes over and over again.  Click, click, click.

It rained today.  For awhile it rained so hard I couldn’t see across the yard.  All that water pouring forth from the sky.  I imagine that rain is like God’s forgiveness to us.  Everytime we have a ‘do over’ God is willing to pour down His forgiveness on us and give us a brand new start.