Brett is sick and throwing up, Aspen is in bed sleeping, but has a tummy ache and a headache.  I feel like I am surrounded by sickness.

When my oldest daughter was in the 9th grade she came down with the flu on a Sunday morning.  She spent a week sick at home lying on the couch.  The day she got well, my oldest son got the same flu and stayed at home on the couch for the next week.  The day he got well, my youngest son got the flu and also spent a week sick on the couch.  The day he got well, my oldest daughter got sick again. 

After three weeks of sick kids, I was ready to move out!  Especially after my daughter got sick again.  Fortunately she was only sick a few days the second time around. 

It’s funny how being around physical sickness just makes me want to leave and come back when it’s over, but if I stop to think about it the spiritual sickness that surrounds me generally goes un-noticed.  In fact, while I don’t enjoy being physically sick, I certainly find myself participating in spiritual sickness without giving it much thought. 

I want God to create such a sensitivity to sin in me that I see it like He does and if I can do that I will no longer be able to tolerate it in my life.  I will want to get rid of it as badly as I want to get rid of physical sickness.