Aspen excitedly told a friend of mine how much she loves snow.  My friend said that she had it all figured out.  She would love it if it snowed for a few weeks before Christmas and then the day after Christmas it would be summer!  I had to agree with her.  I loved the snow we had for Christmas, but I am ready for it to be spring and summer now.

Do you ever notice how every one wants it to be the weekend, or some other special occasion that is coming up?  We look forward to it and can’t wait for it.

Truly walking with Jesus is hard work and goes against the natural desires of mankind.  Noah preached for 150 years to people who made fun of him.  Joseph could have done what Potipher’s wife asked him to do, it certainly would have seemed easier.  Hosea continued to love his wife despite her many affairs.  That must have been a difficult choice.  Or did God put such a love for Gomer in Hosea’s heart that he loved her like God loves us?

I would like to arrive at  a place of a spiritual “weekend”.  The “fun” part of being a Christian.  The two days a week I don’t have to work.  I’m not sure that is such a great idea though.  Take a look at Eve and then Adam who chose to walk in their own wisdom and eat the fruit the serpent offered them.  Samson also chose to indulge in his feelings and ended up with his eyes gouged out and spending his days turning a gristmill.

Just like January follows December and eventually summer arrives, so a closer walk with Jesus happens when I consistently decide to walk with Him, and just like Noah and Joseph, choose the right even when it may feel wrong at the moment.