About five months ago Brett and I were driving home  from a summer trip when my car started to miss significantly.  We took it into the repair shop for a scan.  The scan told us that it could be one of three things.  Either the spark plugs, a mid-price range fix, or a price-range out of our budget.  We procrastinated taking the car in for repairs.  We didn’t want to spend the money, it was still running, and Brett’s car was getting us around just fine.

About two months ago Brett’s car decided to break down in a big way.  We just paid his car off a year ago and now it costs almost more to fix it than it’s worth.  I don’t usually worry too much, but I was concerned that now we had to rely on my 15-year-old car to get us around and it obviously needed to be repaired.  Shortly after finding out how much it would cost to repair Brett’s car I was driving down the freeway in my car wondering how much it would cost to repair it.  I started talking to God,  “God, Brett’s car has broken down and we can’t afford to fix it and my car needs repairs and You know we can’t afford to fix it either, if You could please fix my car that would be great.”

I believed God could fix my car, but truthfully I didn’t really believe that He would.  I’m not sure how long it took me to realize that my car didn’t miss any more.  But, it happened after a trip to DC, about an hour and a half away, suddenly I realized that my car was no longer missing!  It has been over a month now and my car is still running just fine.

Do you ever wonder why God answers certain prayers immediately, while others you just wait and wait for what seems like forever?  I know I do.

I have various feelings about God fixing my car.  I’m incredibly thankful of course.  I’m in awe that He would bother with my car.  I have to wonder why Brett’s car which isn’t even half as old as mine has bit the dust, while my car still runs and now it no longer misses after I asked God to fix it.  It doesn’t make sense to me, but the more I see God answer prayers like this the more I believe He really does know best and His timing is impeccable.  I just need to trust Him for everything I need and believe He will provide it when I need it.