The school bus pulled off campus at 8:15am this morning fully loaded with 38 Korean ESL students and  five adult sponsors.  The kids buzzed with excitement looking forward to going to the presidential inauguration. 

The bus driver dropped everyone off at the subway.  After exiting the subway they still needed to walk almost a mile to the inauguration site.  When they arrived they couldn’t see the inauguration, not even on the big screens set up for that purpose.  The kids immediately lost interest, ready to go someplace more interesting.   

At the end of the day a sponsor who had brought a pedometer said they had walked 11,000 steps.  That is equivalent to about five miles.  They walked five miles and basically didn’t go anywhere but McDonald’s for lunch.  They did take pictures of the White House and then spent most of their time walking shoulder to shoulder with the masses of people in Washington, DC for the festivities.

I’m so glad that when Jesus invites us to spend time with Him that it isn’t a waste of time.  He will be there for us and provide everything He has promised us.  When we walk five miles with Jesus, He will be with us every step of the way.