The vowels and consonants flew forth in a steady stream this morning as the ESL students played the game of “Hangman”.   They enjoyed the competition of playing boys against girls and the forty minute classes went by quickly as each student took their turn.

I expected to see the students use very simple words, but most of the students used big words.  Then, one boy got up and drew three lines.  Just three letters in his word.  Everyone thought it would be easy.  Letters flew quickly from the students to the front of the classroom.  Soon all the vowels were exhausted and a significant number of consonants nearly hung the man in the noose.  Finally someone shouted forth, “Y”.  Just that simple letter helped to solve the word.  “GYM.”

Have you ever gotten up and thought your day would be easy, only to find out you just kept missing the boat and stumbling over everything you did?  Unfortunately, due to over confidence in our abilities, we think we can cruise through life without bothering to check in with Jesus on a regular basis.  We wander off and next thing you know have just about hung ourselves due to making the wrong choices.

Just like Adam and Eve, who thought just maybe God was wrong after all, we boldly choose our own path only to discover it ends with the plank being pulled out from under us.  Jesus is the source of wisdom and if we ask Him, He will give us all the wisdom we need to safely navigate the pitfalls of life.  We just need to remember to not only start and end our day with Jesus, but to spend every moment with Him, letting His wisdom transform our life from bungled to beautiful.

If any of you needs wisdom to know what you should do, you should ask God, and He will give it to you. God is generous to everyone and doesn’t find fault with them.  James 1:5