I woke up this morning after dreaming that I was in my early twenties.  I needed to decide what profession I wanted to work at for the rest of my life.  I dreamt I became a photographer, taking pictures of all kinds of beautiful scenes.

Now, I don’t believe I should have been a photographer or that I should become a photographer but I could certainly spend more of my time viewing the beautiful side of life.  Just a few days ago I became  part of a conversation that put down an obviously incapable pastor.  Over the years I have heard, and hate to admit have participated in, sharing my opinions on how somebody should have done something differently.

Brett has been both a pastor and a teacher.  They are both professions that people like to criticize the work of those doing the work.  I’m sure there are many times where the situation being criticized has some merit.  But, how much more beautiful would the life of the criticizer and the person being criticized be if the positive rather than the negative would be talked about.  Let me put it another way.  “A picture paints a thousand words.” so the saying goes, but what words?  If I think of my words as the brushes and paint, what pictures am I painting when I talk about others?

Here’s a fun little challenge for us both: Imagine you are giving a tour to some people in an art museum.   You are an expert on all the paintings because, well, you made them…you painted them with your words.  Imagine the conversations about other people you have had this past week are hanging in the halls of your heart. As you walk through this inner museum what do the pictures look like and what are the stories behind them?  I know for myself, there is a new wing opening this next week in my heart museum.  I’m painting the new pictures now.  The title for these new works is, “The Inner Beauty of Others.”  Refreshments of Humble Pie and Hemlock (for dying to self) will be served.  I hope you can join me.