I decided about ten years ago to no longer send out Christmas cards. I always procrastinated and never sent them out until after Christmas anyway. I did sooth my guilty conscience by sending out e-cards for a year or two, but I didn’t receive e-cards in return so I quit altogether.

Most of the time I don’t even think about Christmas cards. They always made me feel so stressed I didn’t mind giving them up at all. But this year, despite my lack of ever sending any cards, two of my friends sent me Christmas cards. I really did feel special that they thought of me, despite never receiving a card from me. But, now I feel guilty again because I didn’t reciprocate. I’ve known both of these friends for about 20-25 years. One of these friends even sends me little cards occasionally with a hand written note. I feel ultra special then because just about nobody takes the time to hand write notes and letters these days and then actually put them in the mail. But, despite her sweet gesture of friendship, I have a hard time actually sending a card in return. I really enjoy her friendship, but I usually just send her an email or facebook message in reply.

The relationship between me, Christmas cards, and old friends reminds me of our relationship with God. He has a message for us. In fact, He has a message for us everyday, unlike our friends who usually contact us occasionally. Everyday He has something ready to tell us that will deepen our relationship with Him. But, what do we do with that message? Do we smile when we see it, like I smile when I get a note in the mail from my old friend? Or do we leave it sitting in the mailbox, unopened, missing out on the joys of reading God’s special notes just for us?

The Bible is so unfathomably deep and wide with messages and meaning it is simply an inexhaustible source.  Every day God has something to give to each of us that He knows we need.  God guiding us to those specific messages in the ocean of His word is a daily miracle and evidence that He is working in our lives.  He wants us to know that He is present and active in us every day.  Now that is something worth smiling about.