Our Chinese boys wanted to go shopping today to buy a few things.  One boy wanted a suit and they both wanted to purchase a set of head phones.  It took a little while to figure out exactly what they wanted because they asked for “one-shot focus”.  I thought they wanted a disposeable camera, though I couldn’t imagine why.  When we finally figured out through hand motions that they wanted headphones, we took them to Radio Shack.  Radio Shack stocked a nice selection of headphones and earbuds to choose from, but the ones they wanted did not come in their color of choice so we took them to Best Buy.

The young men told the store clerk they wanted “Skull Candy” headphones.  The clerk showed them the merchandise.  After looking them over they changed their minds and told they clerk they wanted to see the expensive head phones.  They clerk showed them the expensive ones and they both proceeded to choose a pair of $300 and $400 headphones.  Brett is hoping he will not be receiving  a phone call telling him he shouldn’t have let them buy such expensive items.

The boys knew they wanted the most expensive head phones they could buy and pursued them until the desired item belonged to them.  Jesus knew He wanted you.  You were very expensive, you cost Him His life, but He did not give up.  He paid the price for your freedom.

We are truly worth so little and yet He paid so much for us.  He is truly worth so much and yet we so often treat Him like a penny dropped on the ground–we just glance and walk past.  May God’s love so penetrate our hearts that we are dead to everything but the pursuit of Him.