The snow fell in big fluffy flakes again today.  Aspen convinced Daddy he wanted to go outside and play with her.  He took out some of her trains and track and they built roads until Daddy got tired and came inside for a nap.  Aspen stayed outside and continued to dig in the snow for a while longer.  I finally convinced her to come inside and eat.  Next we put the large princess castle wall mural she received for Christmas on her bedroom wall.  She wanted to wake up Daddy to show him, but I convinced her to let him sleep awhile longer.

She still wanted to play more so in an effort to not be drafted to go outside in the cold, I told her to find one of her games.  She went to her playroom and brought out her Candyland game.  We played about five rounds of the game then moved on to playing indoor golf.  Finally she tired of golf and we began the game of Hide and Seek.  What a fun game, she laughed and squealed when she found me or I found her.   When she tired of playing Hide and Seek, I expected her to want to play something else, but instead she said, “Mom, I’m tired of playing with you, I think I’ll do something else for a while.”  I felt like a worn out, over-played with, now useless toy.  I was rejected for something more fun.

I wondered if that is how my Father in heaven feels when I get tired of living how He wants me to live and move on to something that looks like it will provide me with more fun and excitement.  Or maybe I just decided to make a choice that seemed more reasonable that living all out for God. 

Take the Israelites for example, they could have entered the promised land, but they chose not to because they were too afraid of the giants.  Contrast that with Daniel who could have reasonably chosen to avoid doing something that caused him to be thrown into the den of lions.  But, he chose to serve God 100% and he ended up spending the night with the lions.  It must have been a long night even in the presence of God’s saving power, but in the morning he was lifted out of the pit. 

Even Jesus himself chose to serve His Father rather than avoid death on the cross.  He chose to die for me, what will I do for Him?