Lunch time in our home is generally around 12:00.  One of the perks of living on campus at a boarding school is that Brett can come home for lunch and we can eat together!  This is typically what we do each day of the week.  Then there was this:  On this particular day I waited for Brett to come home for lunch.  He didn’t come home until 3 o’clock!  He also didn’t call or text!  As the time passed waiting for him I became more and more frustrated and hungry.  When he came through the door I was starving, but glad he was finally home.  I opened the cupboards to pull out some food for us and begin preparing our late lunch.  Suddenly, I looked up to see Brett wolfing down a hotdog on a bun.  I was devastated that I had waited three hours to eat lunch with him and then he came home and ate without me!  I broke down in tears of frustration…and then I woke up.

I wondered if this is how God feels as He waits for us to invite Him in and eat with Him.  I get the feeling that He waits longingly for us to spend time with Him.  In the meantime we whirl through life barely acknowledging His presence, let alone taking the time to eat with Him.  Can you hear Him calling to your heart?  “Look, I’m standing here at your door and knocking. Do you hear My voice?  Will you open the door?  If you open the door, I’ll come in and we’ll eat together.”  (Revelation 3:20)