I don’t think I have ever been so prepared so early for Christmas.  The tree went up the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  Today I mailed the boxes that needed to go out.  This afternoon I wrapped the gifts and put them under the tree.  Aspen is now in six-year old Christmas heaven.  She has been asking me for days to wrap the presents and put them under the tree.  She likes presents so much she has already started asking for specific items for her birthday next August.

The thing Aspen doesn’t realize is that it is probably harder for her to have her gifts under the tree for a whole week before Christmas than if the gifts were hidden out of sight.  But, since she kept insisting she wanted them wrapped and put under the tree so I went ahead and did it for her.

Aspen loves to receive gifts.  Personally I’ve never really enjoyed receiving gifts, but I do like to give gifts that I know the other person will really like.  For Brett I just listen to what he says throughout the year and then when it is time to buy him a gift I search my memory for something he has mentioned that he likes and doesn’t have.  I’m probably looking forward to Christmas day as much as Aspen just to see Brett open his gift this year.

Sometimes just like Aspen we insist God give us our gifts NOW!  We don’t want to wait for the appointed day.  But, I wonder if God, who knows we need to wait, gets just as excited about waiting and looking forward to giving us our gifts as I do waiting for Christmas day when Brett and Aspen can open their gifts.