Brett and I walked into Target with a list of items we needed to buy.  We needed a few personal items and also some things for a couple of events at the school this weekend.  We pulled out a red cart, lifted Aspen into the back and began our trek around the store collecting the necessary items.  About half way through the list Aspen climbed out of the cart to make room for more stuff.  By the time we reached the check out counter the items on top balanced precariously.  Once out of the store and in the process of loading the bags from the cart into the back of the vehicle I desperately wished for summer temperatures as I felt the cold creep through my clothes like tiny icicles. 

The shopping trip was a success.  We entered the store and filled the once empty cart to overflowing.  Overflowing shopping baskets remind me of the story of Jesus feeding the five thousand with just two fish and five loaves.  Jesus started out with nothing, added two fish and five loaves, fed 5000 people and ended up with 12 baskets of left overs.  His accomplishment puts my small task to shame. 

What if, like the small boy who gave Jesus his two fish and five loaves, I gave to Jesus the small amount I have.  Just think about it.  If he can feed 5000 people with five loaves and two fish and have 12 baskets of left overs, what can He do with the little I give Him?