Brett asked if I wanted to watch a movie on Netflix tonight.  I wasn’t really interested, but he suggested watching a classic, “The African Queen”.   When I shrugged that one off he suggested watching a documentary.  I quickly became interested in watching the classic.

We reclaimed a couple of couch cushions from Aspens fort and sat down to watch Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn.  Through circumstances beyond her control, Hepburn joins Bogart for a trip down the river.  They begin the journey as strangers, but after a series of mishaps that bring them closer together they marry and live happy ever after.

In a general sense, I think our personal relationship with God can sometimes grow like that.  We may decide to turn to Him because of  a mishap.  He gets us through and we continue to depend on Him and become closer to Him.  Finally, the day arrives when we choose to make a full commitment.

We may not appreciate the daily trials and errors in life, but they work to bring us closer to God.  We learn that He is faithful to us in the small things and learn to trust Him in the bigger things of life.