I  busily snapped away taking individual pictures of Brett’s drama team.  I heard my phone ring, but I ignored it until about ten minutes later when I finished taking the last picture.  I pulled out my phone and saw I had a message.  After punching in my password I heard a friend of mine ask me if I could meet her at the church while she climbed up a ladder to hang a garland for Christmas.  She preferred to have someone present if she fell!  I called her back and left her a message saying I could be right there.

Minutes later we walked into the freezing cold church to help hang the garland.  Picture if you will two, near fifty ladies, give or take a  few for the both of us, climbing a tall ladder leaned up against the wall and held in place by a pew.  Only problem was, after hanging the garland we decided it just didn’t look right and had to reverse the whole process.

Next on the list; climbing a narrow organ ladder to put lights on a wreath.  It was a tall wooden ladder less than a foot wide with a straight foot rather than slanted.  We carried it over to the wall with the wreath on it, leaned it against the wall, whispered a few silent prayers and she stepped on the first step.  The ladder slipped backwards.  Not a good start.  If she fell she would fall on top of the $4000 drum set.  I got behind the ladder and held on tight while she climbed up and attached the battery operated lights to the wreath.  Fortunately her descent went smoothly and we managed to leave the church without having to call 911.

Over the next month when the congregants enter the church they will behold a lovely Christmas display.   A manger scene sits on the platform with a wooden cross.  Flower arrangements, wreaths hung on the walls, and candles set in just the right places enhance the ambiance of the Christmas season of worship.

Most people won’t give a second thought to all the work that went into decorating the church.  But, I was there when the pastor’s wife took apart old dusty flower arrangements and rearranged them into an updated look by adding a few new items she had bought.  I wasn’t there when she carried everything from the downstairs storage to the upstairs.  But, I can assure you that it was a huge pile of stuff by the time I arrived to help with the flower arranging.  I also know how much work it was to hang the wreaths and garlands.

At the Christmas season do I ever stop to think how much work went into Jesus coming to this earth to save us from our sins?  Jesus lived in utopia.  He lived a perfect life and then He was born a baby in a cold dark cave where smelly animals lived.  His Father in heaven was ruler of the universe while His father on earth was a carpenter.  The angels in heaven lived to do anything He asked them to, while on earth His followers questioned who He was and his enemies plotted to kill Him.

How did Jesus do it all?  Why didn’t He just go home when the going got tough?  Jesus spent many hours in prayer with His Father in heaven to gain strength for His day.  He didn’t just give up and go home because He wanted you to live with Him in heaven.  He fought the good fight and won the race because He loves you.