A friend I met 25 years ago moved to a town about an hour away from where we live.  I’m a homebody and so is she so we haven’t gotten together often.  We worked on remedying that today.  Despite freezing temperatures and some snow we both drove over the hill and through the vale to Gettysburg, PA.  She and I chatted and caught up while Brett took pictures and Aspen played in the snow.  

Before leaving the house we dressed warm and put Aspen in her snowsuit.  Well, I dressed warm and so did Aspen, but Brett dressed like it was winter in Florida.  His feet spent the trip home unthawing.  Dressed in her snowsuit Aspen talked excitedly about going to Spaghettiesburg and playing in the snow.  Brett and I chuckled and Brett got out the video camera to catch her cuteness  for future reminiscing.

Brett and I knew we were going to Gettysburg and just smiled when Aspen said, “Spaghettiesburg.”   Aspen didn’t question getting in the car with us and going to our destination of Gettysburg.  She just got in, buckled up, and believed Daddy would drive the car to the right destination.  God has our destination in mind and I wonder if sometimes He chuckles at our childish innocence.  But, if we follow God like Aspen followed us we will end up at the right destination regardless of our mispronunciations.