Yesterday Aspen paraded us through Lowes while blasting music from the snowglobe on steroids while dancing through the store.  Today while out shopping Aspen encouraged me to sing “Jingle Bells” on the way into a store.  I joined her in the parking lot, but stopped before entering the front doors of the store since I didn’t think too many people in the store would appreciate my singing skills, or lack thereof.  Aspen, on the other hand, operated on the assumption that everyone was absolutely thrilled to hear her virtuoso performance of “Jingle Bells”.

I think most of us tend to base our actions on the people around us.  We also make assumptions of what people around us might like, dislike or deem appropriate or awkward.  For example I was fine with singing in the parking lot where hopefully most everyone was out of earshot, but I wasn’t about to embarrass myself inside the store singing Jingle Bells–surely that would–at best annoy others or at worst humiliate myself.

However, the thought has been with me throughout the day that if God was the only person in the room, how would we respond to the various situations we are in?  Then, going a step further, how would our assumptions and actions change if we really believed God was physically with us wherever we went?  Would His presence make us more reserved or more bold?  Personally, I have found that when I truly accept in my heart that God is with me, that belief helps me see the world a little more like my six-year old daughter and gives me the freedom to sing.