Brett volunteered to help make cafe tables for the church so off to Lowe’s we went.  Since shopping for pieces of wood and metal doesn’t enthrall me I took Aspen to look at house plants.  The house plant section of the store had been transformed into a Christmas extravaganza.  Aspen excitedly perused the Christmas displays and picked up a musical snow globe.  Usually snow globes just barely tinkle out a song, but this was a snow globe on steroids and Aspen was in seventh heaven as she repeatedly pushed the button and listened to the music blare forth.  I was under strict orders to carry the snow globe and push the “on’ button every time it stopped playing music.  While the music played she danced through the store.  We made a couple of trips around the store and I didn’t see a single other person having as much fun as Aspen.

Aspen loves to dance and takes every opportunity to do so, whether at home or in a store like Lowe’s.  She doesn’t let something as small as where she is at or circumstances stop her from doing what her heart calls her to do.  Is my heart so close to God, so in tune to His, that no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing I do what He is calling me to do?  If I consciously practice living in the presence of God I will do everything from washing the dishes to driving in rush hour traffic with the love of God in my attitude and actions.