This being a typical Saturday night, Brett and I wondered what to do.  I checked Redbox for new movies and found one we thought everyone including Aspen could enjoy.  When I clicked “Find” the movie was not available at the two usual places that we go.  We found one we thought we recognized the address to and put the movie on hold.  Brett breezed out the door ready to bring home the movie.  It should have taken about 30 minutes round trip, including the stop at Taco Bell for Aspens dinner. 

One hour and fifteen minutes after leaving the house Brett walked in the door.  Without the movie.  The GPS was not in his car and his antiquated razor flip phone does not have navigational capabilities.  Of course it didn’t help that he had to do his search for the Redbox in the dark.  He did text while he was gone though and said that the Redbox we were looking for was not in the place we thought it was.  I did volunteer to look it up for him, but he was sure he could find it on his own. 

How like my spiritual life this can be.  I head out for the day pretty sure of where I’m going.  I get there and all of a sudden I’m lost.  Then I drive around in the dark unable to find what I’m looking for.  In the mean time I throw up a half-hearted prayer to God that I’m lost, but when He offers to show me the way, I assure Him that I will be just fine without Him.  At the end of the day I end up back where I started without what I was looking for.  What a sad scenario.  God does have the directions for me to get where I’m going, but unless I give up my self-sufficiency I will just continue to wander around in the dark.