Aspen and about 30 other children sat enthralled for almost two hours today by a man who put on a “science experiment” show for them.  Nobody had to tell the kids to sit back down or be quiet. 

Part way through the show I thought about how much, and in reality how little, we as humans know.  The science experiment’s used various gasses, fire, balloons, golf balls and other items to produce unusual effects.  We watched nitrogen turn the air inside a balloon so cold that it shrunk, but when brought back to room temperature it filled up with air again. 

God knows an awful lot of stuff.  Just the little bit of stuff exhibited by the “science guy” stretched the brains of the kids and adults alike.  We like to watch and participate in how science works.  It fascinates our minds.  But, something else that should really stretch our minds is how God uses various ways to change us as well.  He knows just the right combination of events to change us from a hot-air pride filled balloon to a humble, depuffed of self, and filled with God, person. 

Unlike the science experiments that have to follow the laws of nature, we have free choice whether or not to allow God to change us.  But, even when the work God is doing in us is painful, we should be grateful that He knows the right situations to help reshape us into the person He first imagined us to be.  Rather than shrink from the change God desires to make in us, we should watch enthralled at the work He chooses to do in us.