I called Kodiak Island, Alaska home for ten years.  The summer highs reach a balmy 70 degrees maybe once or twice during the short summer months.  Most summer days the temperature  generally hovers in the 50-60 degree range.  Winters are long, and the mercury usually moves between the 30-35 degree range creating black ice and treacherous driving conditions.  Occasionally the wind chill factor will drop to 70 below zero.  I can assure you -70 degrees wind chill factor is cold!  I weighed all of 102 pounds and I rarely felt warm.  I left the frozen tundra over 13 years ago,  but even after spending five of those 13 years in the desert heat of Las Vegas I still have a fear of being cold.  If there is the remotest possibility that I could get cold I take a jacket and over dress for the weather.

Tonight my house is comfortably warm, but I have a little space heater sitting next to me keeping me extra toasty.  I am not the least bit cold, but I would just love to pick up the heater and hold it close so that all of me could be extra toasty warm at once.

Luke warm Christianity is a comfortable place to be.  But, Christ is our lover and He is not interested in a luke warm romance.  Afterall, who likes luke warm coffee? Or a luke warm shower?  Some things, to be enjoyed to their fullest, need to be hot!

So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew you out of my mouth.  Revelation 3:16