This afternoon Brett slipped a DVD into the computer and we watched Aspen eat her first birthday cake, brush her teeth, wash the dishes and sweep the floor.  I’m sure these moments can only be fully appreciated by us as her parents.   

It didn’t matter to us, as her parents, that she couldn’t yet walk or had trouble pronouncing some words.  We thought everything she did was “so cute”.  Over the past six years everything she did improved with practice and now she walks without falling and talks all the time in full, clearly pronounced sentences. 

Sometimes as Christians we mess up.  We trip and fall and end up with a big bruise in the middle of our forehead that says we can’t walk steadily yet.  We try to say the right words and something entirely different comes out of our mouths.  But, God loves us and thinks we are perfect.  He loves to watch us practice and knows that soon we won’t be falling down as often and  anticipates the day when our faltering words to Him will become a full conversation.

Dear friends, now we are children of God, and what we will be has not yet been made known. I John 1:32