I was not happy when I opened kitty’s bag of food and discovered that she had one serving of food left.  Rather than watch my cat slowly starve to death until I felt like going to the store, I put Aspen in the car and off we went to do some shopping.  After buying the required groceries Aspen wanted to have fun and asked to go to  the outdoor mall.  Today was a beautiful day so I agreed to take her to the mall so she could play at the outdoor play area.  While at the mall we perused a few shops.  One shop is well-known for its food items.  Having never shopped there before I nearly fell over in shock at the price of their flavored popcorn.  The price tag named an outrageous sum for what essentially was a small tub of popcorn, sugar, a little chocolate and some artificial flavors. 

It reminded me of how the devil charges an outrageous price for his artificial goods.  Sometimes just like Eve (and Adam), I give up God’s truth in trade for the devil’s lies.  “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  (John 8:32)  God’s truth is the antidote to the lie’s that keep us in slavery to them.