I took Aspen to a play group today.  One of the mom’s brought a box full of percussion instruments for kids to play.  While the kids marched around shaking, hitting and ratta-tat-tatting their instruments she played Yankee Doodle on a CD.  I clapped along with the rhythm, though occasionally my ability to keep time with the beat of the song was inhibited by the loudness of the kids banging on their instruments.

There was nothing wrong with the kids playing instruments loudly, but it did keep me from hearing the correct beat of the music and soon I was clapping to my own rhythm until I could once again hear the CD and get back on track.  The same holds true for my ability to follow the beat of the drum played by God.  Occasionally I may become so busy with good things that the noise of my busyness drowns out the rhythm I need to be hearing from God in order to be not fall behind or rush ahead of His timing.  I think that could be one of Satan’s most successful strategies in keeping people from living God’s will and experiencing the joy He can give us every day of our lives.  So take time to be still, breathe deeply and listen for God’s still, small voice.  He promises that if we come near to Him, He will come near to us.