Early this morning I juiced a quart of carrot, dandelion and lime juice.  About half-way through my jar of health giving and, in my opinion, incredibly yummy juice, my husband wandered out to the kitchen and made himself a cup of caramel latte machhiato coffee.  It smelled so yummy I wished we could sit and drink a cup of coffee together rather than consuming drinks that are worlds apart from each other. 

Brett seems to function better when he drinks a cup of coffee.  But, when I consume caffeine I start to annoy myself!  I hear myself talking louder, faster, and I just can’t seem to stop talking at all.  I become someone I don’t want to hang out with and I can’t imagine anyone else would either.  Well, except Brett, who seems to be amused at watching me transform from nearly mute to an excessively wordy girl.  

What came to my mind is rather simplistic, but I thought to share it anyway because it’s good to be reminded of from time to time.  I know the effects coffee has on me and how carrot juice affects me as well.  I choose the carrot juice daily because I want to make healthy choices for myself.  I’ve been doing this for a good eight years now and I’ve definitely seen and felt the invigorating effects on my health and in my life.  I have energy that lasts throughout the day (helpful when your living with a six year old), my eyesight has improved and I tend to not catch all the colds and viruses that routinely make their way around every year.  One choice repeated daily, over time, has had a huge impact on my life.

Brett’s choices have impacted him as well.  For those of you who know Brett, we are all amazed he lived beyond his college years.  He will be the first to admit he is not the healthiest eater.  He has admitted he would like to get off caffeine, but so far my having him sample my carrot juice and green smoothies have not enticed him to leave the dark side of the food force and come into the light.  What’s interesting is that Brett traces his caffeine addiction back to one single choice.  He made it through 26 years of his life without ever having a single cup of coffee.  Then, one day a teaching colleague of his took him to a 7-11 and bought him a flavored latte.  Brett had never had flavored coffee before and, instead of a little 12 ounce cup, his friend bought him the super size latte.  18 hours later Brett was still wired and officially addicted to caffeine. 

A single choice can have a huge impact in your life over time, that’s how important and powerful our choices are.  You and I being able to make choices is so important to God that He sent Jesus to die for us and to preserve our freedom of choice (see Genesis 3:15).

So what will we do with our God-given power of choice?  Whatever it is choose well, because even the seemingly little choices we make can direct the course of our lives.