When I first met my husband I was determined not to like him.  Some mutual friends of ours had done their best to tell me how great he was at every available chance.  Everything they said seemed like one big commercial for Brett.  I’m quite sure they believed he could walk on water!  Or so it seemed.  Our first meeting was duly unimpressive.  I easily walked away and scoffed to myself, “So THAT was the great Brett Hadley?”

Almost a year later when Brett kissed me for the first time I had to rearrange my thinking.  This could actually go somewhere I mused.  But, I didn’t want to waste my time in a relationship that wasn’t going anywhere.  I also didn’t want to  rely on my own judgement call about such an important decision as a possible long-term relationship.  

So I gave some thought to what a “perfect marriage” might be.  I decided that the perfect marriage would include the Cinderella fairy tale ending lasting forever.  What was that you ask?  Forever being romantically in-love with just one person and never being distracted by someone else!  I figured that certainly that was a great way to ascertain that the person in question was actually “the one and only”.  So I told God, “Ok, well if this is going to be a long-term, permanent relationship then I want to never be attracted to anyone else but Brett.”   It has been over eight years since God answered that prayer with a big unchanging YES!  God changed my thinking and allowing God to make that decision for me has created a fairy tale marriage where the rose-colored glasses never come off.  

 God loves me with an ever-lasting Cinderella fairy tale ending love.  God says yes to Him and I living in a perfect relationship together.  He wants me to see that in my relationship with Him everything He wants for me is perfect and will make me absolutely happy.  Sometimes at first I may question God’s perfect plan and insist on having my own way.  God won’t stop me from doing that but I wonder if He does a little victory dance when I finally come around to His way of thinking.