Today I walked into church to listen to my husband practice with the praise band.  He was singing a song when I walked in and sat down.  When the song ended a discussion followed before the next song was practiced.  I had the oddest sensation when I heard Brett’s voice begin to sing again.  My ears tingled and my heart sent out a warm sensation across my chest.  I smiled.  Then I felt sorry for everyone not as in-love as I am.  We met nine years ago and the sound of his voice still makes me warm and fuzzy.

Now for the part you have all been waiting for: The Sex Ed 101.  My analogy is this, if you have a great relationship with someone the natural expression of that is great sex.  So many people seem to miss that.  They want a relationship or a marriage with great sex and set up their criteria to have it.  They become ‘works oriented’ so to speak and define their relationship on the sex they have or don’t have.  They also want a partner who stays in shape and looks hot on date night.

How does this relate to my relationship with God?  Well how many times do you see someone trying to have a relationship with God based on their works?  It’s hard to keep up the good works without a great relationship with God.  If I have a great personal relationship with God then my works will be an automatic expression of that joy.  Just like a great sex life is an automatic outcome of a great relationship with someone based on trust, respect, extending of grace, and forgiveness.

Just like God’s forgiveness of us begins a relationship with Him, forgiveness is a good place start a new and improved relationship. It is hard to forgive someone who in your opinion doesn’t deserve your forgiveness.  But, when you stand before God and ask and receive His forgiveness  you are then obligated to share that forgiveness with others.  When we realize that God has forgiven us a trillion-dollar debt suddenly the $100,000 debt owed to us by someone else becomes miniscule.  We are glad to forgive it because God in His infinite grace gave the life of His son to be able to forgive us.  Pride and selfishness often stand in the way of forgiveness.   But the respect and trust you begin to share with the person you have forgiven will be the basis of a great relationship where ‘works’ are no longer worked on but an expression of the joy you have in your heart.