Brett put a book on hold at the Barnes and Noble in the next town.  After the last parent exited his office from a day of parent/teacher conferences Brett came home and we drove the 30 minutes to Barnes and Noble to pick up a book he wanted to use for teaching one of his classes.

Brett pulled out of  the mall parking lot and as we drove past the first street said, “Are we supposed to turn there?”  We were supposed to turn there and ended up sitting at a never-ending red light while Brett did his best to remain calm.  When the light finally turned green we made a left and ended up back at the original exit off the freeway.  If we had not missed out turn we would have arrived at our next destination much sooner.

Sometimes in life I seem to forget where I’m going and pass the turn I should have taken to keep me on the right path.  I’m thankful God doesn’t immediately give up on me and just let me wander in my lostness.  Just like we found another road that took us back to where we had started God will take me back to the path He wants me to be traveling.