I finished going through the boxes in the basement today.  Brett will be so surprised when he comes home.  He told me just yesterday that he didn’t have any more clothes in the basement.  He said he hardly had any clothes at all since he had gotten rid of so many of them.  Either his memory has gotten bad or mine has because I just didn’t remember hauling off any of his clothes to Goodwill.  I have to admit I enjoyed pulling out seven plastic bins of Brett’s clothes and hauling them into the bedroom.  It made the boring process of cleaning out the basement a little more fun.

So how often have I thought over the years, “Well, I’m doing pretty good these days!”  I was so pleased with my self-improvements.  Only problem  was that God seemed more than happy to point out several bins of things I needed to get rid of that I seemed to have missed seeing before.  I am thankful that He is patient with me and brings out my “stuff” a little at a time and not everything at once.  He knows just how much cleaning out He and I can handle at one time.