After moving six times in six years I have quit unpacking everything and just bring out the basic necessities.  No more couch cushions, no more pictures on the walls, no more candles decorating the bedroom dresser.  I decided today to put some actions behind the many times I have said that I need to go through the boxes in the basement.  Like most basements, the lighting isn’t very good, so I had to drag things out of the darkness of the far-reaching corners of the basement into the light to reveal what was hidden in each box; treasures or trash.

Aspen has more boxes of toys than three kids need.  I’m not sure how I’m going to get rid of any of Aspen’s toys though, she is watching them like a hawk.  Never mind that if we put them all in her playroom she wouldn’t have room to play!  Brett has too many boxes of memorabilia and things like winter scarves that never get used.  I’m sure he will never get rid of the memorabilia, but possibly I can sneak some of those wool scarves and ’80’s shorts into the give-away bag.

How many bad habits am I keeping around in the basement of my life?  How many trashy things are hidden in the far dark corners of my spiritual basement?  Bad habits are never a good idea, but eventually they become as useful as a pair of 1980’s shorts.  Brett doesn’t want to wear them, but he keeps them around anyway.  So why do I keep around those bad habits I know I shouldn’t be keeping around?  I guess I must have really liked them at first, but like most bad habits they just become something that gets lugged around from place to place without any real use except that they add baggage and weight to my life and they are always on my mind as something I need to get rid of but never take the actions to actually get rid of them.  Time to clean house.  Time to turn on the light.

He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into the light.
Job 12:22