We stopped by the local mall today because Brett wanted to peruse props at the seasonal costume shop for the drama team.  Aspen remembered the play area and ran to play with the other children.  After some rest and relaxation for mom and dad we told Aspen that she could have one more time through the maze and then we would go.  She took one more turn and we called her to go.  She hesitated, almost coming, and then ran to go through the play area again. 

We talked to Aspen about why she hadn’t come when we called the first time and she replied, “I didn’t want to come because I was having too much fun!”  I don’t doubt that she was having a great time, but her best choice would have been to listen to us and come when called rather than ignore us to do as she pleased.

This incident did cause me to wonder how many times I haven’t come when God called because I was having too much fun.  It’s so easy to pause for a moment when I hear the voice of the Holy Spirit calling to me, but to quickly decide that I am having too much fun right where I’m at to bother paying attention to the voice of God for long.  But God always has a reason for calling me. 

Unlike Brett and I, when we are simply ready to move or need to run another errand, God always has a reason for getting our attention and calling us to the next thing He has planned for us–which is the difference between us as parents and God; the next thing He calls us to is something He has specifically planned for us and doesn’t want us to miss out on.  Sometimes staying in one place, even if it’s a place God called us too, can cause us to miss out on the next great adventure that leads us, eventually, all the way home to Jesus.