Brett started up a fire in the fire place downstairs in his ‘man cave’.  Aspen ran to get her Candy Land game and everyone, including kitty, played.  Brett started out with a great card and moved to the top of the board, winning the game was within a few short steps.  I slowly moved along a square or two at a time.  Aspen sometimes moved by leaps and bounds and other times moved in small increments.  Shortly into the game Brett drew a card that moved him back to near the beginning of the Candy Land trail where he became hopelessly stuck in Licorice Lagoon.  He complained, life was so unfair! Soon my card moved me to the top of the board and I won the game shortly after.  Aspen came in second, kitty lost all together.  Aspen not wanting daddy to be left out just picked up Brett’s blue man and moved it into the castle with my yellow one and her red one…this did nothing to improve Brett’s disposition.

Life can be like a game of Candy Land.  Sometimes we move quickly forward or quickly backwards.  Other times we just plod along seemingly getting no where fast.

As a young man Joseph appeared to be in the fast lane.  His well to do father favored him above his 12 older brothers.  But, how quickly he moved down in life to became a  slave, then worse yet a prisoner.  After moving slowly along through prison life, he was instantaneously transported to the “top of the board.”

Joseph seemingly moved up and down the squares of his life through not much choice of his own.  But, he did choose to obey God and after “winning the game” it became obvious that God had a plan for Josephs life right from the beginning of the board, the middle and the end.  Sometimes life seems like a game of Candy Land, just randomly taking us places, sometimes taking us places we would rather not go.  But, when we choose to obey God no matter the circumstances we can know that whether we are in Licorice Lagoon or at the Princess Palace we are winning the game.