This year I decided to join a local home school co-op.  It meets twice a month on Mondays for several hours in the afternoon.  Aspen really enjoyed the first meeting, but was too sick to go to the second meeting.  She eagerly counted down the days until today.

This morning a fellow co-op mom texted me and asked if I had received any home school emails.  I hadn’t so she said she would forward them to me since there were several new field trips planned.  I thanked her, but being busy didn’t bother to read them thinking that I didn’t need to know about the field trips immediately.

Aspen and I  rushed through lunch so we could arrive on time to practice with the bell choir.  I googled the address and wrote down the directions, jumped into the car and zoomed down the road.  I took a wrong turn, and soon realized I was not headed in the right direction.  I picked up my phone, spoke the address into it and it directed me to the meeting place by way of a back road.  When I arrived to the church 15 minutes late no one else was there.  I picked up my phone and  read the emails my friend had sent me.  To my chagrin, I discovered that today’s meeting had been canceled, but would be held next week.

Such a mess that wouldn’t have happened if I would have read the emails provided to me.  To top it off I  had no real good reason to get lost.  I had written directions, a GPS in the glove box and my cell phone with navigation capabilities.

God loves me.  He wants me to be well-informed of what I should be doing.  He doesn’t want me to get lost on the way.  He provided me with the Bible to be my guide and my map.  If I’m not too busy to bother paying attention to it, I will spend more time getting where I’m going than wasting time getting lost.