Brett asked me if I wanted to be an adult sponsor for a “Leadership Retreat” for the young student leaders who attend the school where he teaches.  I agreed to go because, if I didn’t, we would be separated from Thursday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon.  About half-way through the drive to the retreat center  one of the students in my van shared with the rest of us that there would be no cell service at the camp.  WHAT?!  But, he did say that internet service would be available .  I was so relieved to know I would still be able to keep my commitment to write a blog post every day for this year.  Turns out the internet service proved to be incredibly sketchy and only available in the dining room and offices.  To make matters even worse Aspen became sick with a bad cold that quickly became the stomach flu.  I spent the three days of the retreat in the cabin on a small love seat with Aspen til Sunday morning, when we left for home.  To pass the time I picked up pen and paper and wrote my blog posts to be posted later, albeit edited to become almost unrecognizable from the original writing. 

My cell phone went from being a great way to communicate to nothing but an expensive clock.  I spent the days on the love seat with Aspen unable to go anywhere and unable to text or call Brett, who I knew was so close by and yet so terribly far away.  I impatiently waited for him to find time in the busy schedule of his days to stop by and visit. 

Prayer is such a great way to talk to God.  I wonder if He gets bored waiting for His special someones to stop by and talk to Him.  If we don’t bother to pray than the fact that He sent His son to die for us becomes nothing but an expensive gift that sits around like a cell phone with out service.